Me2mentor is a non profit mentoring platform to provide opportunity to everyone irrespective of the geolocation

Who we are

Me2mentor platform launched in mid 2014, with the objective of giving technological opportunity to everyone, mainly focusing on young students in tier2 and tier 3 cities in India. The idea is anyone who having passionate about technology and want to pursue their career in research field can use this platform. We connect the student with mentors who inspire them, believe in their ideas and guide them..

Our Mission

Me2mentor platform work to create a technological awareness and help them to choose the right career path for young students in tier2 and tier 3 cities in India. We organize hackathon, open source events, startup awareness programs and innovation lab in schools and college. We aims to form a mentor space in all schools and college to connect the student with right mentor.

Our Vision

Me2mentor’s vision is to provide technological mentoring and give an exposure to million young women by 2015. We believe that more girls exposed to Research and entrepreneurship at a young age will lead to more women working in the technology and engineering fields.


We believe ideas come from everyone, everywhere. So the opportunity should be given to everyone irrespective of where they are, what kind of education they have. If you have an idea and want to peruse it we are here to connect you to right mentor and support you to bring your idea into a product. As of now we mainly focusing on young women in tier 2 and tier 3 cities in India to peruse their career after the college education. We mentor and motive these girls to participate in different women entrepreneurship program like Technovation challenge. NASSCOM 10,000 startups, Google Launchpad, Firefox web maker and other open source programs. As of now we mentored around 200 girl from two arts and Science College in Madurai. These girls submitted their idea and android app in Technovation 2014 challenge. We are working with local college and school to form a mentor space to connect these girls with right mentor and contact a hackathon and open source event in every weekends.

Me2mentor Team Ideas

The Next billion dollar idea is here


App Name: The Eagle Eye

Five Innovators

App Name: Mobocart

Shining Girls

App Name: Fearless Trip

Android Applers

App Name: Food Saviour

Android Berry Girls

App Name: Pocket Doctor


App Name: Drainage locator


App Name: Indian Medicine


App Name: Parking Area


App Name: Bus Route

SAI of Innovation

App Name: MyBlood


App Name: Speed Rescue

EverGreen Girls

App Name:MySlam

Time Line

Metoomentor platform Launched on March 2014

  • March 2014

    Our Humble Beginnings

    We launched our program in two arts/science college in Madurai to execute the Technovation chellege 2014 program.

  • April 2014

    Team Selection

    Recruited 250 odd girls and Signed up 55 teams in Technovation Chellege 2014 Program!

  • May 2014

    The App submission

    Madurai Technovation team successfully submitted their application for world Pitch Event

  • July 2014

    Bangalore Pitch Event

    Three Team is selected for Bangalore Pitch Event as a regional winners of Technovation contest

  • Sep 2014

    Chennai Pitch Event

    Top 10 Madurai team pitched their ideas to industries top people in WeTech Pitch event

  • Sep 2014

    Madurai Team Idea Listed Globally

    All the Madurai Team ideas listed in Technovation Global site

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Our Amazing Team

The core billers of Me2mentor team


Director, Program Co-ordinator

Senthilkumar M

Mentor, Research Engineer Qualcomm.

Ratha S

Program Coordinator

Our Blog

We are Story tellers.

Tara Chklovski, Founder and CEO, Iridescent

Published 03/26/2014 6:27 pm EDT

200 Girls Learning How to Code in One of the Oldest Indian Cities in the World

Over the past few years, Iridescent has been growing and I dont have as much contact with participants as I did before. I miss that fuel. But thankfully, every few weeks, some stories of people come through -- that just make me stop and stare in amazement. Like this one. Senthil Kumar is an engineer at Qualcomm in Bangalore. His sister, Mani Mala, is an educator in Madurai, one of the oldest cities in the world (actually 2500 hundred years old). They learned about Technovation and took it upon themselves to bring Technovation to the young women of Madurai. The logistics of this undertaking are what makes this story of grit so inspiring. It really brings perspective to first-world petty griping! Some background on Madurai. It is famous primarily for its old, old, old, beautiful temples. People grow rubber and the city is known for its cultural traditions.

Senthil and Mani Mala wanted to provide more opportunities to the young women in Madurai and recruited more than 200 women from two local universities to meet on the weekends and work through the Technovation curriculum.

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Senthilkumar M, Research Engineer, Qualcomm

Published 2014, Aug 5.

Me2Mentor My Experiences as a Mentor

Hi All, In this post I would like to share my experience as mentor for mentoring more than 200 girls in my native place Madurai for Technovation challenge 2014. The journey of 12 weeks with these young talents were really unforgettable in my life. I felt that my knowledge got enlightened during this mentoring program.

Motivation behind mentoring
God creates human with imbalance mean someone has more knowledge, high IQ someone struggle to learn new thing. Someone is reach forever, someone is poor by birth. I believe this inequality is to make sure that humans balance themselves and live a better life. So if your are geek by nature make sure that your knowledge is equally shared with everyone. If you are rich by birth make sure that your money is equally distributed to everyone.
About Me
This is Senthilkumar working as a Research engineer in Qualcomm Inc Bangalore. I was born and brought up from Madurai. I am basically mentor who love to motivate young girls in technological and research field. The main objective is to make them a future entrepreneurs. To know more about me check out here

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